Adrafinil: What Users Should Know


Adrafinil is a drug to keep users alert and awake. It is often used as a stimulant because it has few side effects. Also, the drug does not require a prescription in most countries. Find out here how Adrafinil works and whether it is good for you:

What Exactly is Adrafinil

This synthetic nootropic compound is commonly used in promoting concentration, improving memory, and improving the overall learning capacity of users. People who are suffering from narcolepsy can especially benefit from the drug to help them stay awake for prolonged periods.

Adrafinil is available in powder, tablet, or capsule form. When it’s inside the body, it has a short half-life as it will be eventually converted into modafinil. It’s important to note that Adrafinil is needed in greater amounts to achieve effects similar to the effects of Modafinil.

Why Use Adrafinil

Below are the main reasons why you will want to use the drug:

  • It can improve your mental and physical function. Adrafinil capsules can increase your ability to do everyday tasks by improving energy levels. Some research shows rats who were given Adrafinil displayed increased movements and physical energy output.
  • It can enhance your mood. A lot of those who have tried taking Adrafinil reported having a better mood and increasing mental clarity. Studies that administer Adrafinil to older dogs show that the subjects displayed increased vigor and better general behavior.

  • It can improve your awareness and focus. In various studies, Adrafinil was seen to result in increased attention, concentration, and vigilance.  It has been proven to reduce brain waves associated with sleep and increase the ones that result in engagement.
  • It can improve your memory. Many Adrafinil users reported an improvement in their memory after taking the drug. But, more studies need to be conducted to confirm this. But, this is a promising effect to be looked forward to from the drug.

Recommended Dosage

Because of the availability of Adrafinil in both online and offline stores and its accessibility without prescriptions, users can abuse it. But, you can avoid it by sticking to the recommended dosage. The ideal dosage for Adrafinil is 10mg/kg, which means 600 mg to 900 mg for most people. Ideally, the drug must be taken in the morning as its effects can last up to 15 hours, avoiding the sleep cycle. Also, the drug must not be taken daily or for extended periods. It is best to take it only when necessary.

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