Every Part of Duck Contains Nutrients that Makes it a Healthy food


Duck is generally considered to be a feast which is cooked on special occasions. However, not many of us know that it contains healthy benefits which you can have regularly. Duck is expensive compared to chicken. It should be noted that darker shade of duck is older meat, therefore should be avoided. Also, domestic duck has more fat compared to wild and poultry.

Chicken is cooked properly, but duck meat is cooked either medium, rare or like a steak. However, whatever dish you prepare with chicken can be prepared with duck meat as well. Duck meat is juicy, chewer and crispy which makes it sweet and its fat allows it to melt in mouth. Not just the meat, but every duck part can be utilized to prepare anything –

  • Duck liver can be fried in pan directly to eat with drinks.
  • Duck bone is used to prepare soup, pho.
  • Remaining duck meat apart from breast and legs can be shredded and used for duck rillettes.
  • Duck fat also to be utilized as a temporary substitute to butter for cooking other dishes like omelettes, sautéing vegetables etc.
  • Duck eggs can be consumed in any form as they are rich in Vitamin B12.

Lac Brome’s duck store situated in Canada, is the oldest company that provides highest quality of nutritious duck. It was founded in 1912 by a New York resident. They are certified through HACCP. Apart from processed products, they also sell raw meat. Ducks are raised in natural climate and cleaned regularly, provided with soy food and grains which are rich in mineral and vitamins. This makes their meat, healthy and safe.

Here are some valid reasons for eating duck –

  • Apart from taste, duck meat is rich in fat, calories, zinc and selenium that help in good cell metabolism. Duck is red meat which has good content of iron.

  • Duck fat is full of flavour and healthy because it is equivalent to olive oil. A little brush of duck fat on frying pan can cook omelette or fry potatoes.
  • You can always buy duck as a whole meat instead of just buying breast or legs. This way, you can use the whole meat in different forms the entire week, by using breast as a feast at night one day, the other day legs to be cooked, bones used for soup and remaining meat shredded for Duck Rillettes.
  • Preparing duck meat doesn’t need help of any chef. You can prepare it in your classic home recipe as long as you have some fruit sauce or vegetable to go with it.

Duck meat is versatile and thus you can sue it in any form. They can go as savoury, salad, soup, appetizers etc. the whole meat is sumptuous for a family of four.

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