Excess Sweat is Harmful for Health that Needs Immediate Medical Consultation


Sweating is normal because it helps in removing toxins from the body. Every human being should sweat to certain limit. However, if you are someone who always gets drenched in sweat, then it is a matter of concern. This problem is known as hyperhidrosis. When you workout, your body temperature increases, so you sweat. However, extreme sweating influences the whole body.

Some people sweat excessively in specific areas, like underarms, palms, or feet. Such symptoms are considered minor health issues, which needs consultation immediately. Those who are diagnosed with hyperhidrosis have overactive glands, but there’s no specific reason to it. It is said that any kind of medication, injury, illness, accident or neurological problem can be the cause of extreme sweating.

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Few symptoms that will help you understand better about excessive sweating –

  • Your shirt pant socks or dress all gets soaked in sweat.
  • You perspire even when it’s cold outside or your body temperature is normal.
  • While sleeping with air conditioner on you realize that you’ve been sweating for a long time. Even if the conditioner is switched off with moderate room temperature, you still sweat a lot.
  • With excessive sweating, you feel that your palpitation has increased, chest starts paining, and you lose weight with time, suffer from fever or feel breathlessness.

There are two kinds of hyperhidrosis –

  • Primary hyperhidrosis which is hereditary and starts from childhood. In this case, your palms, sole and armpit sweat a lot.
  • Secondary hyperhidrosis is medical condition that occurs due to cancer, infection medication like antidepressants etc.

There may be certain lab tests done to check the criticality of the condition. Doctors may doubt thyroid, heart disease or diabetes. To check hyperhidrosis, starch iodine test is done. A mixture of iodine as well as starch paper is placed on areas where you sweat a lot. It measures the capacity of sweat you produce. This is examined by the change in color of paper that turns blue.

If you feel that you sweat extraordinary, then contact a dermatologist immediately. In case, you know someone who is negligent about their health then be their well-wisher and help them out.

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