Six Common Misconceptions about Root Canal Therapy


Those who are not familiar with root canal therapy may think that it’s a scary procedure. In fact, some people even think that this therapy can cause pain and is not worthy of the cost. However, the truth is that root canal therapy offers the best solution to save your tooth. Learning about the common misconceptions can help you decide to get it. These include the following:

Root Canal Therapy is Painful

This misconception probably started as the procedure used to come with discomforts decades ago. However, modern technology and anesthetics ensure that patients will not experience pain. The only pain they can feel is caused by an infected in the affected tooth. A root canal treatment is necessary to eradicate the pain.  A lot of patients are anxious about having dental work done. But, dentists can offer calming medications. Click here to read and learn about the signs you may need root canal therapy.

The Procedure Can Make you Ill

You probably come across information online claiming that root canal will make you sick or contract a disease in the future. However, there is no truth to this. Such claim was based on poorly-designed studies carried around almost a century ago, long before contemporary medicine was able to understand the causes of a lot of diseases.

Root Canal Treatment is Only Necessary when you Feel Tooth Pain

A lot of teeth that need root canal treatment won’t cause pain. However, this does not mean your tooth has no problem. You need to visit your dentist because they will see if the pulp of your tooth is infected or damaged. If it is, they will recommend a root canal treatment. This is especially important if there is something like a pimple called a fistula near the damaged tooth. A fistula is a tunnel of tissue that drains pus from an infection. You will not feel any pain as the fistula keeps pressure from building in the tissue. Your dentist needs to treat the infection and may recommend a root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Involves Removing the Affected Tooth

A root canal treatment is meant to save the affected tooth instead of removing it. In this procedure, neither the tooth nor root is moved. Your dentist will clean and shape the canals on the inside. They will remove the tissue and pulp together with some of the inside part of the root to eliminate the bacteria.

Root Canal Therapy is a Temporary Fix

Some people think that root canal therapy is a temporary fix that requires further treatment down the road. But, the benefits of this therapy are usually long-lasting. It is just important for the patient to practice good oral hygiene to preserve the tooth indefinitely.

The Therapy Requires Several Appointments

If you are considering root canal therapy, you won’t be sitting in the treatment chair for many days. Usually, the procedure can be completed in one or two office visits. The length of the process will depend on some factors that include the severity of the infection and the difficulty of the procedure.

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