All about A Relaxing And Satisfying Full Body Massage


If it is your first massage, it is absolutely normal to be unprepared and nervous about it. Well, you must have never seen other people having a massage, and what you see in films is simple shown for humor or sex. Well, that is not how the real thing is.

In a full body massage, your therapist will work on your entire body. The session will take at least 50 minutes, and that is enough time for the therapist to take care of your major muscles – back, neck, shoulder, arms, leg, and feet.

Types of Massage

The options of body massage Québec simply keep on increasing with the passing time. Nevertheless, one of the most common and well-known massage till date is – the Swedish massage. This massage therapy focuses on warming up the muscle tissues, releasing tension, and breaking up muscle knots.

Next, a deep tissue massage is done using the same movements of a Swedish massage, but the intensity is much higher. Then there is also a hot stone massage. In this massage, the therapist uses and places hot stone on your pressure points. Furthermore, there are even treatments like Shiatsu, in which your therapist will stand atop you and with the use of feet relax your muscular stress.

What to expect at a massage session?

As soon as you arrive at the spa facility, you will be asked to change into a robe. Next, you will be guided towards the massage room and asked to disrobe completely. If you are not comfortable being completely naked, you can have your undergarments on. Now, sleep on your stomach on the padded table with a sheet on.

Well, now the therapist will start by working on your back and shoulders. Slowly and gradually the therapist will move down and work on your lower back, thighs and calves. You will be asked now to turn around and the therapist will start working on your arms and chest area. Men can have a pectoral massage too.

If you have specific problem areas, you can always ask the therapist to pay extra attention there. However, this normally means that he/she will be spending less time on other body areas. If you need more time, simply book a longer session time.

Once the massage is over, we recommend you take your time in getting up from the bed. Remember, your muscles are absolutely relaxed and so you don’t want to rush them immediately. Lastly, it is ideal to have no plans other than going home after the massage. Hit your bed or just watch some television. Let you muscles relax for the rest of the evening and night.

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