4 Key Things to Remember While Wearing Protective Masks


There’s no denying that masks are going to be our permanent companions for quite some time now. As countries slowly lift their respective lockdowns to resume economic activities, the people take the necessary precautions to face a virus-dominated world. According to the experts, the N95 face mask prevent about 95% of tiny particles to reach the nose and mouth of the wearer. Everyone, who goes out in the open right now, should invest in these masks to stop getting infected.

However, only wearing these masks won’t provide the necessary protection that you seek. You should also know how to handle them scientifically to reduce transmission of the virus.

The following tips will help you stay cautious and properly carry the masks. 

Disposable masks should be thrown away after a single-use

It’s best to dispose of the one-time-use masks after using them once. Further, you should check if the mask has become moist and throw it away if it is. And while disposing of them, make sure they don’t come in touch with other people, as the virus can survive on the surface of the masks for a long time. Throw the masks away directly into the trash to prevent large-scale transmission.

Never touch the surface of the mask

While putting the mask on or taking it off, avoid touching the front surface to prevent your hands from getting infected. The virus can be transmitted to other surfaces or people through your infected hands. In case you touch the mask accidentally, make sure you wash your hands immediately or sanitize it with an alcohol-based sanitizer. It’s best to use the ear loops of the mask to put it on and take it off without touching the front surface.

Always make sure that your mask is dry

While using a reusable protective mask, you should always sanitize it after every use and leave it out to dry for 3-4 days in the sun, if possible. This will help disintegrate any virus that may have settled on the surface. As the COVID – 19 viruses always need a living host to survive they likely won’t after 72 hours on a non-living surface. Check the mask regularly and dispose of when it gets loose or feels moist.

Cover your nose and mouth properly

While wearing a protective mask out in the open, you should be assured of its tightness, especially while speaking. If you notice that the mask tends to fall off when you speak, you should replace it immediately, as it won’t be able to give you the same level of protection anymore.

Wondering where to find the right mask for maximum protection? Get in touch with some experts, who can give you numerous options to choose from. Taking all the necessary precautions like wearing masks, sanitizing and washing the hands along with maintaining social distance is the only way right now to fight the pandemic, so you should just do it right to protect you and your family.

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