Marijuana 101: All You Want To Know About Cannabis Oil Syringes!


People’s interest in cannabis products has increased manifold in the US, primarily because medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states. There are 11 states, where you can legally buy cannabis for recreational purposes. From dry buds to edibles, concentrates, and now cannabis oil syringes, there are choices for every user. What exactly are cannabis oil syringes? Below is a quick guide for your help!

What are cannabis oil syringes?

In simple words, cannabis oil syringes contain full-spectrum cannabis oil in a plastic syringe that doesn’t have a needle. These oil syringes, contrary to the name, are not supposed to be injected but taken sublingually. For the uninitiated, the term ‘full-spectrum’ basically means that all the cannabinoids found in the strain are retained in the oil as it is, with flavonoids and terpenes. With cannabis oil, dosage must be checked and limited, because a little goes a long way. Use a typical plastic syringe, to control the amount and dispense the oil under your tongue. This is the precise reason these are also called cannabis oilsyringes.

Note that syringes that contain distillates are different. Distillates don’t have the terpenes, flavonoids and other plant extracts, which are removed during the process of extraction, while cannabis oil contains the full profile. Cannabis oil is made using methods that are used for making concentrates. The strain used for making the oil is important, because the profile of cannabinoids determines what’s included in the oil and the benefits you derive from it.

Who should use cannabis oil?

Patients who desire the full-spectrum benefits of cannabis can benefit from cannabis oils. These are more ideal for regular users too. However, if you are more interested in THC, you can go for distillates. Many users who cannot smoke or vape cannabis rely on cannabis oil to get the full benefits of cannabinoids present in the strain. The oil itself is dark and often black in color because of the full-spectrum profile, while distillates are clear and often have that golden amber color. Most distillates are designed to have three of the major cannabinoids – THC, THCA, and CBD. Distillates can be smoked, usually in smaller quantities, while cannabis oil is always taken sublingually.

Find a dispensary that stocks cannabis oil syringes and talk to the budtenders to know about effects and usage. You need to be very careful as how you use cannabis, because every product has different effects.

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