How to Let Go Stress and Move On?


People get trapped in past issues that can be painful and crushing. Victims feel tormented and unknowingly remain stuck with the hope that the problem will get solved miraculously.

  • If letting go is difficult then it means pain, disruption, and uncertainty.
  • Moving on refines your core as well as bring change and growth.

Letting go can be easy but it is your choice. The benefits of letting go will mean experiencing empowerment, more positivity, make optimistic life decisions, and live a happy life. Underlying problems keep you stuck as they are deeply ingrained and so you will need to learn how to let go and move on. The therapists use several methodologies to help you release stress including Hypnosis, Forensic Healing, Kinesiology, Psyche K, Kinergetics, and Rekindled Ancient Wisdom.

Some strategies need the victim to take responsibility. The results are guaranteed as you will learn how to control and respond to stress instead of going back-foot.

Stress is the main cause of discomfort and medical conditions that you manifested. It is time that you learn to repair your physical body and mind.

Repair & release = change & move on

Correct breathing

Improper breathing creates havoc in people’s minds and bodies because of insufficient oxygen. Every time during stressful triggers, you cannot breathe properly. It leads to shallow breathing permanently and a lack of oxygen that gives rise to a host of disturbing health problems. Therefore, learn to breathe correctly and free your mind and body from trapped negative energy.


It seems odd that physical stress on the body from a workout can release mental stress. When you exercise the stress hormones as cortisol production lowers over time. Endorphins or mood hormones get released. These are natural painkillers. Workouts enhance sleep quality that can negatively impact anxiety and stress.

With regular exercise, you start feeling more capable and confident about your physical self and this promotes mental well-being. Walking and jogging are ideal activities for reducing stress.


No one can change the past. For healing and moving forward, you will need to give in and accept things. Pray and ask God to offer courage and calmness to accept and change things. Over time with practice, you will gain insight and feel empowered to control.

Even a spiritual prayer to forgive and be forgiven can bring a magical difference. You will soon feel a decrease in burden, mood changes, and life will seem filled with happiness.

Other physical strategies

You need to respond stress differently like increasing the intake of water because it helps in metabolism, digestion, and elimination. With stress, you hold on stuff disallowing your body systems to flow easily. Another step is to choose healthy food because the body needs good food for effective functioning.

Add a detox regime to eliminate toxins, chemicals, infections, heavy metals, and critters invading your gut. Good sleep is important for the healing of the mind and body. Therefore, avoid stimulants before sleep time, keep mobile outside your bedroom, use an essential oil on your pillow, and do some deep breathing. All these can have an ‘entourage effect’ in averting stress and anxiety from your life.

Author Bio – Celine Healy is a speaker, writer, blogger, and a trainer on topics such as: stress reduction, wellness formulas to boost energy, leadership and corporate well-being. Celine approaches these topics from a scientific point of view. “If you can’t measure something, you will never understand it.”

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