Various Tips for Arm lift Surgery – Care You Need to Take After Procedure


If you have extra fat and skin in your upper arms, you can get rid of it with a surgical procedure called brachioplasty. Generally, this process will be known as arm lift surgery.  Usually, surgery will be carried out between underarm and elbow by using both liposuction and surgical excision.

With this, your saggy arms will become firm, and smooth, and this enhances your confidence. Even though, this is a simple procedure, it takes some time for you to recover after the process. The healing process differs from person to person based on their pain tolerance, present and previous health condition, and the method of surgical technology used.

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Recovery process

Most of the people will experience pain in first 2 to 3 days after the procedure. However, the pain will be controlled and you will get relief with the help of prescribed medicines. The movement of your arms will reduce due to wrapping and you will experience swelling of your hands. When you are sleeping, keep your hands elevated to reduce swelling.

Pain and swelling will get subsidized within a week but you need follow the medications until 2 to 3 weeks. For scars, you can use either a scar cream or therapy for better results. After 6 weeks, you can continue your regular activities like playing, weight lifting exercises, etc.

Recovery tips

  • Follow the instructions carefully suggested by your surgeon, don’t neglect it.
  • If you have any problem or doubt consult surgeon immediately, so that your doctor will suggest you accordingly.
  • Don’t lift yourself or anything with your arms or upper body. Walking stimulates blood circulation, so walk daily to avoid blood clots.
  • Don’t remove the bandage or touch the incision to see the wound.
  • Take rest, eat healthy food, and drink more water.
  • You cannot use heating pads for 6 months, but you can make use of ice to reduce swelling.

Also, you need to take additional care like taking help from others, wearing loose shirts or tops, etc. Regular checkup is essential so consult the doctor as per your schedule. An experienced doctor will help you to recover soon so, choose a well reputed surgeon.

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