How Adult Nappies Make Life Much Better for Those Who Need Them


Adult nappies have improved so much in recent years, making the lives of those who wear them (and those who care for people with incontinence and other needs) so much easier and more comfortable. An adult nappy is exactly what you think it is, a nappy that has been designed for adults with urinal and/or faecal incontinence to wear throughout the day, at night, or all the time. Every person is unique, with different needs, and the adult nappy has made things much better for those who require its use, whether that is for a few hours at a time or full time.

Incontinence occurs mostly in elderly people but can also happen for those younger people who have suffered an illness, injury, or disability. In many ways, reaching a time in life where you require the assistance of nappies, is much like childhood. We look after our babies and make sure that they are in clean nappies at all times, are regularly changed and cleaned down, and that their comfort is important. The same approach should be taken with those adults suffering from incontinence and requiring nappies, whether they live at home and are being cared for by loved ones or living in a care home facility.

It is too simple to just say that an adult nappy is primarily used for elderly people. There are various reasons why a person might need to use an incontinence pad or a full adult nappy, whether for just a short period of time or for the rest of their life. The primary reason is to help with those people suffering from urinary and faecal incontinence, as mentioned above, but it can also be of great help to those people suffering with bad bladder control (that is beyond their control), or those who are bed-ridden.


Other people who benefit immensely from the comfort that incontinence pads and adult nappies bring are those patients suffering with dementia, or with diminished mental capacity. Even on a more basic (and sometimes as a short-term measure) level an adult nappy is the perfect solution to those people suffering with severe cases of diarrhoea. You might not at first consider it, but adult nappies are also used in quite exotic professions, with astronauts wearing them when working and living in space.

Choosing a supplier of adult nappies is an important part of looking after a person suffering with adult incontinence. The comfort of your loved one, or the person you are caring for in a professional capacity is an important consideration at all times. The right type of adult nappy or incontinence pad will go a long way to improving their level of comfort. You must consider the size that is required, and whether an adult nappy is needed just during the day or night, or whether there is a round-the-clock necessity to combat incontinence. Every person has a unique story to tell, and the incontinence pads and nappies that they wear is a reflection of their very specific requirement.

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