Prevent Varicose Veins with Simple Lifestyle Changes


A person suffering from the varicose vein is beyond the aesthetic problem…..the condition is extremely painful! Avoiding them is impossible but pain can be managed and even the worsening of the condition can be prevented.

Risk factors of varicose vein development include family history, age, pregnancy, contraception therapy, hormonal replacement, obesity, prolonged standing or sitting, etc. Among these, the risk of age or genetics is hard to avoid.

Dr. Gilydis is a vein specialist, who has performed successful laser treatment. He recommends patients not to get depressed with painful varicose veins condition, but minimize discomfort with modern technology treatment options and lifestyle changes.

Simple lifestyle changes recommended are……

Avoid standing or sitting for a prolonged period

Prolonged standing or sitting makes it hard for blood to travel upwards [against gravity] from leg veins. The pressure rises in your veins, which eventually causes blood to pool across your feet, calves, and ankles. The areas get swollen and trigger pain.

Moving after every 15 to 30 minutes allows reducing venous pressure and enhancing blood circulation. In case, you are stuck before the desktop than perform small exercises like stretching ankles, peddling your feet or bending knees backward and forward.

Elevate legs above your heart at least 3 times daily for 15 minutes. It allows breaking gravity circle, improves blood flow, and reduces ankle swelling.

Make healthy choices

Healthy lifestyle choices will help to avoid the worsening of enlarged veins. Obesity is an aggravating factor that increases venous pressure. Choose healthy fats and enough proteins. Avoid salty and sugary food. Include potassium and fiber in your diet. Drink plenty of water to keep blood diluted, so it circulates smoothly.

Routine exercise

Walking is the best exercise to avoid varicose vein condition. Yoga poses, where feet are brought higher than heart are great. Stretches help to tone the deepest muscle in the hamstrings and calves. Swimming and cycling are beneficial.

Small changes like taking stairs rather than the elevator or parking your car some distance away from your office and walking are also helpful/ exercise will also help to burn excess calories and manage a healthy weight. Routine exercise practice will enhance your overall health.

Compression socks

Poor circulation in the legs can use a boost to prevent the pooling of blood. Specialized compression socks & stockings are prescribed for those struggling with chronic varicose vein condition. It will help to decrease the pain as well as swelling.

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