5 tips to design a balanced diet plan for your baby


It is essential as parents to create a healthy diet plan for your babies and kids. Yes, you can have a baby diet plan as well. It is recommended to preparea diet plan for babies to ensure your baby is getting all the essential nutrition for their healthyphysical as well as mental development. So we have come up with fivetips that can help you prepare a healthy diet plan for your kids.

  1. Let them choose:

Let your kids choose what they want to eat from the food you have served. This will make them feel involved and that they have a choice.Having a say in eating food will make kids more open to trying new foods. This way they would be little curious as to know what are the pros and cons of those foods and thus they would surely think of trying those.

  1. Let them plate their food:

Once they are ready to try a variety of fruits and vegetables, teach them how to plate your food. With the choice of vegetables and fruits, they would be getting a balanced diet for kids, which is vital for their healthy growth. This would also make kidsindependent fromayoung age. So let them plate their food.

  1. Introduce new choices:

What you can do is that you can create a balanced diet chart for your kids in which you can includea variety of vegetables and fruits you want your kids to eat without getting bored of the same taste.It would help them in developing tastes fordifferent kinds of fruits and vegetables.

  1. Smart Snacks:

Because you want to focus more on their health, try not to offer them usual junk snacks as often. Instead of cutting back on their snacks,serve them smart snacks with a balanced combination of healthy and tasty. This choice of snackscan help kidsin staying healthyand it should be easy for you as well to make them. So move towards nuts, grapes and whole-grain crackers with little cheese for taste.

  1. Don’t force them:

If you try to force these fruits and vegetables on your kids, they would never develop a taste for them. So you have to ensure that kids are willingly ready to eat fruits and veggies. Talk about their colors and taste as kids are attracted to fruits’ colors more. You need to convince them mentally before making them try any new food.

It willbe a great deal for parents if the kids inculcate these habits of having healthy fruits and vegetables in their breakfasts and meals.So you should not force it on them, insteadmake them curious so that kids will willingly eat fruits and veggies and develop a habit of healthy eating.

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