All About Dental Implant Procedure – Its Basics, Importance, Benefits, And Much More!


Missing teeth can cause several issues. Firstly, it makes you feel quite self conscious while talking, eating, or even smiling. Secondly, it can create one or other oral health issues for you too.

However, today, with implant dentaire, you don’t need to be concerned about it or worry anymore since it gives you replacement tooth that feels, looks, as well as functions just as natural like original. Read on to know more about dental implant procedure.

Basics on dental implant

An implant is basically artificial tooth that is placed in the mouth surgically. This tooth “root” is comprised of metallic and ceramic materials that can fit perfectly in your jaw. Implants fuse with the bone for supporting bridge, crown, or even complete denture. There are two major categories of implants. First is endosteal implant that is placed in the bone. The second one is subperiosteal implant that is placed on bone for the patients that have inadequate bone height.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • Implants are ideal artificial solution to the missing teeth. They allow easy speaking and chewing.
  • Implants never rely on the neighbouring teeth for any kind of support. As a result, no structure of the tooth is lost.
  • They prevent shifting of adjacent or nearby teeth. Therefore, they preserve contour and jawbone of your face.
  • Implants don’t shift or slip. So, it offers you same security and stability just like your natural teeth.
  • Implants can be cleaned in same way like natural teeth. So, you don’t need taking special care of them or take them out for soaking or cleaning at night.

Can you go for dental implant?

If you have healthy gums, you have adequate bone for supporting an implant and if your overall general health is good, then you are a good candidate for dental implant. However, if the height of your bone isn’t adequate, then your jawbone can easily be built before dental implant procedure.

It should be remembered here that chronic illnesses such as leukemia and diabetes may interfere with healing process of dental implant. Plus, smoking may double up risk of losing one completely. So, these factors must be considered well while going for dental implant procedure.

Make sure that you discuss all the aspects well with your dental specialist before you go for dental implant procedure. In this way, you will likely have all information that you will need for evaluating all the available tooth replacement options for you.

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