Put a Stop to These Back-breaking Habits


The skeletal system is the framework of the body. One of the crucial parts of it is the spine. You need to take care of it because it literally carries your weight. It undergoes a lot of strain just by doing that. That is why you are always told to make yourself stronger by exercising. If ever you are in a world of hurt because of some irregularities in your spine, you can check out some chiropractic services. The experts there will help you straighten out your problem so that you can continue to live a life that is free of back pain.

Back problems do not happen overnight. They have to be developed through a long time of improper posture and bad habits. Here are some that you may be doing today. It is time for you to act and stop them now.


Slouching is a habit that many people are doing. It is quite tempting to just sit on a couch and lean back as far as you can, and then let yourself slide down until the middle of your spine gets to an awkward curve. The thing about this is that you get so comfortable that you do not feel the wrongness it is doing to your spine.

You will only start to notice this when you get all sorts of pain. Remember that your organs are also protected by your bones. Having a curved spine could affect the placement of your rib cage. If your backbone is skewed too much, your ribs can push onto your internal organs, which may lead to you experiencing pain in the stomach or abdomen area. So straighten up if you feel like you are falling into a sloucher’s spell.

Sleeping on a Sitting Position

During your waking life, you effortlessly move around as if everything is second nature. By the time you fall asleep, you lose control of yourself. There is a good reason you should be sleeping on a comfortable bed: you can maintain a natural posture. There could be times when you are traveling and you start falling asleep during your trip.

Sleeping is all fine and good, but when you are sitting, it can give you some problems. The main thing is, your head weighs a bit, and it is resting on your neck bones. When you fall asleep while sitting down, you allow your head to wobble around because you are not controlling it anymore. Gravity is basically doing its job without you manning your body. You could end up straining your neck, which would be bad news for you once you wake up. If you want to stop this, you’d better bring a pillow for your neck so that your head gets the support it needs even if you are sound asleep.

Sitting for a Long Time

Living a sedentary lifestyle could lead to chronic problems such as hypertension and diabetes. But prolonged sitting can also affect those who are fit. Our bodies are designed to move around often, and having you on a stationary position for a long time could put a strain on your lower back. 

When you are seated, the weight of your upper body is thrust onto that part of your back, and hurting it could also affect your lower extremities. When you find yourself in a job that requires you to be in front of the computer all day, you have to integrate a routine where you can jump or move about the office. This activity will surely help with getting your bones popping and your blood pumping.

If you have any of these habits, it is time for you to contemplate removing them. Just remember that changing or removing them is not a slight against you. Instead, it is all about keeping you fit and healthy. Start breaking these bad habits so that you can live a longer and happier life.

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