Teeth are a crucial part of our body. We only get two sets of teeth – milk and permanent. When we lose permanent teeth, the body can’t regenerate them. The loss is permanent. Teeth loss though inevitable due to old age can happen for many reasons. Living without a tooth can make things more complicated. You may choose to look for a dental implant dentist to replace a missing tooth. Most dentists can carry out this procedure, however, some specialists are referred to as implantologists. When you’ve lost natural or permanent teeth, it can become difficult to speak and eat. Making it crucial to replace the teeth. If implants are something you’ve been considering, we are here to guide you through it.

Is it possible to get a full mouth of dental implants?

You can get dental implants for single, multiple or all teeth in your mouth. This means that it is possible to get full teeth replacement with dental implants. In most cases, you don’t require an implant for all the missing teeth. What dentists usually do is that they use four implants in each jaw that provide support to complete a fixed bridge. It is also known as an all-on-four implant. This is a form of supported prosthesis. It is a great option for those who have lost almost all their teeth.

Can you replace every tooth with a dental implant?

If looking to replace all the missing teeth with dental implants, you can choose to do so. This might not always be a necessary treatment option. Let’s say 2 or 3 adjacent teeth have been lost, the dentist can place two implants in the missing tooth gap. This supports a 3-unit bridge which replaces the teeth. The approach is usually decided after a clinical examination during which the number of implants required is determined.

Can same-day implants be considered safer options?

Same-day dental implants mean that the dentist will carry out the implant procedure on the same day by using a suitable prosthesis. Often dentists choose to wait a few months before placing the implant as this helps to ensure optimal healing. The temporary prosthesis is placed to restore the aesthetics. They can’t be used for chewing. Though same-day implants aren’t common, they are safe.

After having dental implants can one bite into food?

When undergoing any dental procedure, concerns about food arise. When you have dental implants, there are no restrictions to follow. You can eat all your favourite food. This is to be done once the permanent restoration of the implant has been carried out. Usually, a temporary implant is placed to ensure that you don’t carry on without teeth. These temporary implants can’t always be used for chewing. They might also impact the healing process s of the implant. After the permanent prosthesis has been placed, there will be no restrictions. You can eat whatever you feel like without any hesitation.

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