Tips on How to Choose Healthy Discus Fish 


People keep aquarium because they look beautiful in every surrounding. They promote a feeling of peace and calm. Research has revealed that a fish tank in the surrounding offers health benefits like reducing stress and blood pressure. It is also a great hobby amongst many people, who take pride in their fish collection. Some enthusiastic have turned their hobby into business and established a fish store online.

For example, the DiscusGuy has been breeding and selling discus fish for more than 30 years. They have a fish farm in New York and offer free fish order delivery within the USA. If you are a new hobbyist lookout for the frequent program ‘Discus fish for sale’ offered by the DiscusGuy online store.

Remember the most crucial part of keeping discus is to select a high quality and healthy fish. If your selection is wrong, then you can have issues in keeping the unhealthy fish alive. If you are not careful in your selection, this can turn into a costly hobby. Below are some tips that will help you in choosing discus fishes.


Discus fish are available in a plethora of colors and sizes. Small ones are called ‘fry’ and display less color, but the ones that are fed hormone food reveal spectacular colors. It is a wrong practice, which will not allow them to develop into adults properly. Amateur buyers give more preference to the colors, which can make them select the wrong fish.

Overall appearance

Its shape is like a discus, so it got its name. It needs to maintain that rounded shape. If the discuss appears flat and thin then it is because of malnourishment. Avoid choosing a discus with dark and black skin. Avoid those with white spots, scratches, scars, or circles on their skin. Some of the viruses can last for months in the tank. Getting rid of these viruses can be a lengthy task.

Eye characteristics

The eyes of the discus have to be healthy and clear. Cloudy, white, bubbled matte, or popped out eyes indicate illness. Even check the eye size of the fish, if it appears large when compared to the body then it is a symptom of stunted growth. It means the discus will not grow naturally even if its color is beautiful and is healthy.

Fin & tail

Buy discus fish having no sores, holes, scratches, or colors on their fin and tail. Any color or erosion on the tail and fins highly suggest sickness.


Sometimes you see yellow or white feces hanging from the fish. This suggests internal infection, parasites, etc. If you choose these, the risk of transmitting the disease to the main tank increases. A few parasite infections are very hard or incurable.

 Breath and gills

A healthy discus breathes once in slightly less or one second. In case, you see them breathing fast probably means something is an issue with the discus or its living environment. Remember, fast breath is not an indication of an issue but better to be cautious while choosing.

Discus fishes are social in group and breeders recommend buying minimum six for your fish tank. A group environment is just like the way they are used to live in the wild.

Author Bio –  Discus Guy has over 30 years experience raising and breeding quality discus fish.

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