Organic Food Helps in Maintaining Healthy Life and Balancing Ecosystem


Due to many kinds of ailments floating around the world, people are being more cautious about their health. They avoid gluten junk foods and red meat and moving towards a healthier life. People are paying special attention to morning walks, meditation, and workouts to maintain a healthier body shape.

Apart from that, they are also increasing the quantity of fruits and leafy vegetable in their diet. Supplements and green powder drinks are also some of substitutes that help them stay active and healthy.

Population on earth is increasing so is the demand for food items. Therefore, in order to meet the demand for fruits, vegetables and other edible items like rice or pulses, farmers are using synthetic chemicals in their crops for cultivation and harvest.

These chemicals not only help in the growth, but in less time, farmers can obtain double the quantity of edibles. They claim that the nourishing value is still there in the fruits or vegetables. However, they forget that after harvesting, the nutritional value starts deteriorating every day.

Crops grown with chemicals contain harmful chemicals which may not affect anybody immediately, but will show adverse effect with growing age. Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart diseases, respiratory and digestive problems are some ailments for which conventional food is one of the reasons.

Thus, realizing the side effects of conventional food, people are switching to organic food now. Organic foods may be slightly expensive, but they are free from chemicals and are grown with natural process.

There are many stores that provide organic food items. Flannerys is an organic food store situated in Australia. They lead not only in natural organic food, but also in wholefood market so that organic food can reach more and more people. They have been in this business for more than 30 years and apart from store they also function online, so that even during your busiest days you don’t skip your healthy food diet.

Their food items aren’t imported, but are taken freshly from the Australian farmers, thus they guarantee about the quality of their products. With good food, you can also get nutrition advice in store.

Here are some benefits of using organic food in your daily diet –

  • Organic food is grown through natural process without any support of chemicals this means that water and soil isn’t being contaminated.
  • Chemical-free harvesting supports wildlife as well because synthetic chemicals are harmful for wildlife, pests and soil.
  • The natural process of cultivation actually helps in balancing the ecosystem. This is because it maintains the wildlife and pests as well as helps in conserving biodiversity.
  • Chemical-free environment helps in purifying air. When crops are grown organically, less energy is consumed for transportation, therefore less amount of carbon dioxide, which also is one of the reasons for global warming.

Health department of all countries have ensured that food labeling will be done in edible items. This will make easier for consumers to gain knowledge about the item they will consume. However, fruits and vegetables that are prepared with preservatives often look fresh, thus it is difficult to mention their harvesting day. However, scientists say, that organic food is offered immediately after harvesting because 24 hours later it shows signs of deterioration.

Organic food’s shelf life is shorter than conventional food. However, they contain more nutritional value as they aren’t harvested with chemicals.

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