Healthy Pantry Shopping: What To Buy For A Healthier Life?


No matter whether you are trying to shed a few pounds, or simply want to switch to a fitter lifestyle, your diet has to change. What you have at home is usually what you eat, and changing the way you shop for products and goods for the kitchen can make a huge difference. The good news is websites like Framing & Foundation have a whole bunch of food products, grocery items, vitamins, and other supplements that you don’t have to look elsewhere. Next time you are ready for pantry shopping, don’t miss these products.

  • Herbal teas. Ever wondered how many calories each energy drink contains? Most of the packages juices in the market are loaded with artificial things and a huge amount of sugar, so you are consuming nothing but empty calories. Switch to the choice of herbal teas, which are not only healthy and a great way to feel warm on a chilly winter day, but these also support weight loss.
  • Apple cider vinegar. Considered to be one of the best aids for weight loss and gut health, apple cider vinegar is a magic potion itself. Consume one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with half a lemon in one glass of warm water, and we promise you will feel a difference in your digestion and other health issues. Go for raw, unfiltered and possibly organic apple cider vinegar with mother.

  • Chia seeds. Among the best seeds you can have, chia seeds are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and are great for anyone on the keto or low-carb diet. You can simply sprinkle some chia seeds on your food, especially salads. Another good alternative to chia is flax seeds, just in case you don’t find that one.
  • Great as a low-calorie food, mushrooms are tasty and can be added to any recipe in any form. Websites like Framing and Foundation have canned mushrooms, especially if you live in an area where it is hard to source the fresh ones. Mushrooms can be also cooked in the Chinese style as a good starter.
  • Cinnamon is often considered to be a magic spice, for the numerous health benefits it offers. You can go for cinnamon in powdered form, or can even find can buy ready capsules that are easy to consume. You can also add cinnamon to your salads and other recipes to curb hunger and add to the flavors.

  • From oregano and chili flakes to other kinds of seasonings, you can choose many things for your diet. Seasonings can make boring food taste better, and these are natural herbs, at least the best ones, so you are not adding unhealthy calories. Some dried seasonings, like thyme and basil, have health benefits too.

Now that you have figured out healthy pantry shopping, make sure that your kitchen is stocked and do not eat outside. You can check online for easy recipes that require no extra effort beyond basic cooking, and don’t forget to exercise at least thrice a week.

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