The Perfect Pair Of Footwear Are Your Thongs


We lead a very active and busy lifestyle nowadays and due to the all of the running around that we do for ourselves or our bosses, our body tends to suffer in the form of aching muscles and general pains. It’s really difficult to find the time to stop for a moment and rest, because if we are not performing at our best doing our job, we have a very real fear that we will lose our jobs and the company will get someone else to do it. One part of our body that suffers more than the rest is the feet, and they are constantly supporting our weight and anything that we happen to be carrying, as well.

Feet Need a Vacation Too.

We are always talking about the need for a holiday to get away from it all, but one part of your body that definitely needs a holiday is your feet. If you are a lady, you’re probably walking around in high heels and this puts a great strain on the soles of your feet, your heels, and your calf muscles. For us men, we are wearing a pair of shoes that may look fantastic with a suit, but they pinch our feet and if it was up to us, we would definitely be wearing something that provides a lot more comfort.

The Ideal Thongs.

Once we all leave the office, the first thing that we want to do and we get home to take off our shoes, and find an alternative that provide comfort for our feet. Thongs are incredibly popular in Australia and there is an Archies thongs supplier on the Central Coast that carries a vast range of thongs, that make us feel like we are walking on air. Here are some tips for getting the best pair of thongs for your feet.

  • Always plan ahead – Like most types of footwear, thongs need to be broken in first. Don’t leave your purchase until the last minute if you’re buying them for an occasion like a holiday. You need to wear them a little bit to help them mould to the soles and sides of your feet.
  • Be sure to get the correct fit – Don’t just look for the normal size of your feet that you take in shoes and base your purchase of your thongs on that. Try them on first and make sure that they fit the contours of your feet comfortably. Have a walk up and down on them for a moment, just to get a feel for them.
  • Value for money – Try not to get caught up in all the fashion and popular brand names when it comes to thongs. It’s how the footwear feels on your feet that is important, and of course they need to look good, but don’t base your decision on that criteria alone.

Having a pair of thongs close to hand is an ideal situation to be in. It’s always great to slip out of your other shoes and get into something a lot more comfortable.

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