CBDA Extraction and Also Many Different Applications of CBDA


After cannabinoids have been legalized in the USA, focus of people remained on CBD. The presence of CBDA that is obtained during the process never got any consideration for study.

Now FluxxLab.com has started marketing CBDA as it was also found to be offering much better results in comparison to CBD.

After a decade of research and also after deeper studies about the understanding of the cannabinoid spectrum, this new CBDA has now emerged as another essential compound that is responsible for many therapeutic effects of the cannabis plant.

However, what CBDA really is? Does CBDA differ from CBD? Do we really get any additional benefits by using CBDA?

In the following paragraphs we shall discuss a few applications of CBDA in brief.

CBDA can address nausea, vomiting and cancer too

In the year 2012, various studies conducted on rats and shrews showed the potential of CBDA in treating nausea and vomiting.

When it was used in the shrews, the results showed that, with CBDA it was possible to effectively reduce toxins as well as motion-induced vomiting.

When it was tried on rats, then CBDA showed that it has the potential to supress various signs of nausea found in rats. Same study also proved that when CBDA was compared with CBD, then CBDA has shown the ability to show significantly higher potency to inhibit vomiting.

In 2012, another study was conducted that showed first time that this CBDA can offer potential therapeutic modality for cancer cell abrogation that also includes aggressive breast cancer too.

This research showed that CBDA has the ability to become an inhibitor of migration of cells called MDA-MB-231, which is a highly aggressive type of breast cancer cell for humans and also have the ability of suppressing the enzyme known as cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2).

Particularly this enzyme was previously found to spread the breast cancer cells. Studies have shown, when breast cancer cells were exposed 48 hours to CBDA, the presence of COX-2 was reduced by 40%.

Further research also has shown hat, CBDA has one more application as far as cancer treatment is concerned. One study which was conducted in 2014 found that CBDA could help in stopping the metastasis of breast cancer.

It was discovered in particular that CBDA can possess the ability of suppressing genes which are positively involved for the cancer cell’s metastasis in vitro.

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