Basic 3 Tips For Harnessing Law Of Attraction For Health!


Each of us have distinct health goals. One person may want to lose weight, while someone else is trying to fit into a certain size bracket. Many of us simply want a healthy life with no diseases. You can do law of attraction in the right way for numerous health benefits. For those who don’t know, law of attraction basically refers to the power that allows someone to attract what they want in life. In other words, you can attract what you want in life, if you use law of attraction in the right way. How can you use law of attraction for health benefits? We have enlisted three basic tips for your help.

Imagine the positivity you want

Let’s say that you have been trying to lose ten pounds. Have you imagined yourself in that shape? If not, you are not using the law of attraction rightly. Imagination is the key to making the most of positivity, because that way, you are actually syncing all positive energies. For example, you have chocolates at home, and you are craving for it. Allow your mind to think of the chocolates in the refrigerator, but don’t reach for it. Instead, ask your mind to look for that perfect salad you made in the morning. The idea is to train your mind towards making healthy decisions.

Love yourself

No matter whether you are seeking love or anything else, you have to first fall in love with yourself. When you are using the law of attraction, make sure that you are aware of your existence and are approving of it. For example, you may have gained a few kilos after the holidays. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you go around and tell everyone about it. What you are seeking is sympathy, but that doesn’t help your journey in any way. In fact, you are focusing on that negative news. If you want to reach somewhere with your health, you have to first love yourself for who you are.

Set your goals

“I will lead a healthy life” – This may seem like a good goal, but it doesn’t translate into something more concrete. For the law of attraction to work, you have to focus your positive vibes on something more specific. For example, ‘I want to eat no sugar for the next one week’ – this is a more realistic goal, and you can expect to achieve it by imagining the situation where you have stayed off sugar each day, for the entire week. Also, know what’s healthy for you, and focus on those things. You cannot think of nachos every night and hope to enjoy a lean chicken breast the next morning. That’s not how law of attraction works. Believe in what’s good and let the universe send the right energies.

Now that you have discovered the basics of law of attraction for health, go ahead and take a break of 15 minutes. Find a remote corner in your home and allow your mind to imagine the best version of yourself.

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