Tissue Donation In Itasca has Given Life to Many Sufferers


Did you know that if you became an organ as well as tissue donor, you’ll be saving life of 85 people? There are only eight organs, including two eyes that can be given, but you can donate 75 tissues to different human beings. It is a gift to become a tissue donor. Tissues like skin, heart valves, bone, ligaments tendons, corneas, etc. help in saving lives.

Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network, work from Itasca, Illinois. They help people sign documents and follow all procedures that allow them to donate tissue in Itasca or any part of Illinois plus northwest of Indiana. They are a non-profit organization that has helped transplant recipients since 1985. Till date, they have saved lives of 23,000 people with the assistance of 183 hospitals.

Anybody can donate tissues as long as they don’t suffer with any communicable disease like hepatitis, skin disease or HIV. While recovering tissues from a dead body, great care is taken so that it is presentable during funeral process.

Here are some basic facts of tissue donation that you should be aware of –

  • Tissue donation helps patients suffering with serious burns, helping athletes recover from torn tendons, ligaments, restore mobility for military person who was injured in war, and repairing musculoskeletal structure like spinal parts, teeth, skin, bone replacement, etc.
  • When a donor dies, immediately tissue recovery center is contacted. They start medical process and interrogation with family and friends related to the donor (age, reason of death, any recent infection, etc.).
  • Once everything goes smoothly and in favor, tissues are recovered from the body in 24 hours of death time. These tissues are either transported to the required recipient or it is stored after processing for a long time.

Types of tissues that can be given –

  • Cornea to give backsight
  • Tendons to build back joints
  • Heart valves that repair cardiac problems
  • Veins to improvise circulation
  • Skin to heal burn victims
  • Bones that prevent amputation

Nobody can force anyone or their family to donate tissues. It is only done with the donor’s consent or their family after the donor’s death. It is a good deed that helps someone get a life and their confidence back to live in the society. You’ll be living in someone becoming a part of their body.

Itasca may be a small village, but their way of thinking is far more developed. People have registered as a donor of organs and tissues in various non-profit organizations. If you wish to help society, this is the best way to do so.

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