What is an Alcohol Blackout, and How Can it Affect You?


Alcohol consumption is not a bad thing but drinking it to the extent of blackout is. There is no harm in consuming alcohol in a limited amount, but things go out of control when this becomes a habit, and the habit changes to addiction.

Why Do People Consume Alcohol?

Alcohol consumption is not something that one learns from childhood. It’s a habit that develops with time. There are many reasons why a person indulges in this. Here, we are going to discuss some of the reasons –

1. Peer pressure:

This is one of the leading causes of alcohol addiction in teenagers. The pressure from your friends forces you to try something that you don’t want, as there is a fear of isolation.

2. Stress:

Many people believe that consuming alcohol can receive their stress. When you consume alcohol, you forget about everything as you go into your subconscious state of mind.

3. A sign of class:

Drinking has now become a matter of pride. At many high-class parties, it is observed that people prefer drinking alcohol. There is no harm in consuming it in small amounts. When thisshow-off becomes your addiction, it becomes a matter of concern.

4. Curiosity:

Many people try it out of curiosity. The question “what is so special about it” is what leads a person to try alcohol. If a person likes the taste, then the chances of him are continuing to drink it increases.

Can Alcohol Cause Blackouts?

Alcohol blackouts are very common. Many people have shared their alcohol blackout stories where they have complained of instances of impaired memory, injury, and slurred speech. Blackouts refer to the gap in the memory of events that took place while they were intoxicated. The blackouts can be of two types- fragmentary blackout and complete amnesia. In a fragmentary blackout, there are some memories of the event, but most of them are erased. In complete amnesia, the person completely forgets about the incident. This can be very scary as the person doesn’t remember anything that happens to him/her. The only thing that can save you from this is to be in your conscious state of mind, which can be done by consuming alcohol in a limited amount.

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