What are the Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Techniques?


Getting a hair transplant is not everyone’s cup of tea. For some people hair transplantation is a costly affair and, others believe that they haven’t lost enough hair to get a hair transplant. If you are one of them who are looking for an alternative to hair transplantation, you may visit a Hair Clinic Toronto for best consultancy. Fortunately, there are several good solutions for such individuals.

  • Proven Treatments

People who are new to the hair loss world often believe that there is the only way to get back their lost hair is hair transplantation. There are several clinically proven .therapies in the market to fight hair loss. Finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine) are the two major.

Unfortunately, they’re not efficient for all as it comes with a danger of side effects, but it definitely should be tried because it can slow down your hair loss and even can start re-growing your lost hair.

  • Concealers

Concealers also refer to hair fibers, is a proven way to make your hair thick without any intrusive therapy or treatment or medication. The fibers bond to the existing hair for keeping them in place, and give your hair a more natural appearance. Although they are a temporary measure and must be used every day, they give your hair a very compelling and natural thickness in the economical cost.

  • Injectable Treatments

Injection therapies like mesotherapy can thicken your hair and stop further loss. If you don’t know anything about mesotherapy, it is a mixture of vitamins and drugs and is directly injected into the skin to enhance the appearance of your skin. A combination of DHT blockers and minoxidil is generally used for hair loss.

  • Hair Systems

Although hair extensions or a wig generally get a bad rap, they are an excellent way for some people to restore their self-esteem and get a full head of hair back. Hair systems can be used to get a natural hair look and people can’t say they are not your real hair. They are highly natural.

  • Tattooing

This solution is not suitable for everyone, but several tattoo artists are specialized in their art and can give you a buzz-cut ‘ looks despite having a serious balding. Your entire head is covered in very little tattoos to imitate the appearance of true hair.

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