Understanding the basics of stem cell therapy at a glance!


Despite what many critics have to say about the revolutionary stem cell therapy, there are experts who believe the potential and power of this treatment, especially for the treatment of pain and other conditions. If you know what platelet-rich plasma or PRP is all about, chances are high that you probably have also heard about this one, because there are a few parallels. More clinics are now offering stem cell therapy Miami, and in this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects that more people need to know before they go ahead and talk to their doctor.

Knowing stem cells

For the uninitiated, stem cells have the power to divide and become any kind of cell in the body. When they divide, regular cells in the body can reproduce themselves. For example, a blood cell will divide to reproduce as more blood cells, but stem cells can become stem cells or can also become any other cell in the body. This is the precise reason why researchers and doctors are so interested in stem cells. There are three kinds of stem cells – adult, embryonic and induced pluripotent. The last one is created in a lab, while embryonic stem cells are found in embryos that are like three to five days old. Then there are adult stem cells found in the belly fat and bone marrow that have potential to treat pain, injuries and other selected diseases.

How does stem cell therapy work?

In case of stem cell therapy, the stem cells are derived from the patient’s body and are used in conjunction to PRP therapy. The stem cells are taken from the body and mixed with PRP/PPP, following which the cells are injected as required to the injured part of the body. The stem cells can become any cell that’s required to heal the injury. As a result, the overall healing process is extremely quick and effective. Since cells from the body of patient is used for treatment, there are many parallels to PRP.

More to know

There is amazing potential for stem cells that researchers are looking into, from growing organs for patients to healing chronic conditions such as diabetes. However, there is a lot of research to be done, although there is no denying that stem cell therapy for the treatment of injuries is a real thing, and there are many clinics that are focusing on that.

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