How to Use Essential Oils


Essential oils are concentrated extracts from leaves, stems, and flowers or plants. They are commonly inhaled for their scent and therapeutic properties.  Essential oils can be used in diffusers and humidifiers. They can also be diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the skin.

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic and medicinal properties. They have been known to promote healthy sleep, relieve pain, and heal skin irritations. If you are convinced about the benefits of these oils and want to use them, here are ways you can do it:

Using Essential Oils with a Diffuser

A diffuser disperses essential oils into the air. You can find many kinds of essential oil diffusers you can use for this. Just ensure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer for safety reasons. Also, you can consider making your own mix using essential oil diffuser recipes. Famous kinds of diffusers include electric, ceramic, lamp rings, candle, reed diffuser, and others.

Inhaling Essential Oils

Just open a bottle of essential oil and inhale deeply a few times. However, do not let the undiluted oil touch your skin. You can also choose the steam method. For this, you will need a bowl of water and a towel. Add a few drops of essential oil to the bowl and put a towel over your head and the bowl. Deeply inhale the steam for a few minutes while closing your eyes. Do this a few times throughout the day.

Moreover, you can also add drops of your favorite oils to a cotton ball and put in areas where you wish to disperse the scent. The oil will freshen up a smelly space. The easiest way to get the oil’s aromatic benefits is to take a few drops from the bottle into the palm of your hand. Then, cup your hands around your nose and mouth and inhale.

Using Essential Oils Topically

Essential oils are commonly used topically. You can apply essential oils to the crown of your head, to your neck, behind your ears, and to your temples. In case the oil’s aroma is too strong or you have sensitive skin, dilute the oil with a carrier oil. Essential oils can be applied to most body parts; however, you must be cautious of your most sensitive skin. Many blogs about essential oils are dedicated to giving tips on the topical use of essential oils.

Essential oils are excellent for massage. Add cedarwood and lavender oils to a carrier oil for a calming massage. If you want to rejuvenate your muscles after hours of workout, take advantage of the cooling effect of peppermint essential oil. In aromatherapy, a lot of people prefer to apply oils to the tops and soles of the feet. For instance, tea tree oils are applied as part of spa and beauty treatments, particularly to fight odor on the feet before a pedicure. Also, this oil helps in reducing the appearance of blemishes. Just use a cotton swab to apply the oil directly to the affected area. If you want to have a smoother-looking skin, add Bergamot essential oil to your night-time routine. But, make sure to avoid too much exposure to the sun after application as the oil can cause photosensitivity.

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