How to Improve your Vaping Experience


Today’s fast-paced lifestyle will usually leave people little time to think about to improve their vaping experience. However, there are some things that e-cig connoisseurs can do that even new vapers should do.

Below are some tips to prolong the life of your electronic cigarette and its parts to ensure you have the best vaping experience:

Charge the Battery Properly

Knowing how to properly charge your device’s battery will ensure it functions properly and avoid battery damage. If you are new to vaping, you may be too excited to get started with it after getting your e-cig in the mail. However, you need to charge the battery fully first before you use it. Once you get the package, unpack the charger and cable and plug it into the wall. Make sure to get a full charge on the first day. You will know the e-cig is working if you see the orange LED light at its tip. This light will dim and flash if it is time to recharge the battery.

Change the Cartridge

Every e-cig cartridge is filled with pure liquid nicotine along with the flavor your desire. Cannabidiol cartridges that no longer produce vapor need to be replaced. Replacing cartridges is easy. You don’t have to deplete the cartridge before you switch it. Just change the nicotine levels and flavors. But, you will need to change the cartridge if the vapor density is diminishing.

Invest in High-Quality CBD Vape Juice

Vaping is largely about flavors. No matter how top-notch or experience your e-cig is, you can only have the best experience if you use a high-quality e-liquid. In general, you can invest in cheap vape juice. But, they may not deliver your favorite flavor hit since they have thinner carrier liquid and an underwhelming flavor. Also, some cheap vape juices have additives. Vape juice is usually expensive; however, you can save money when you buy in a big quantity.

Clean the Coil and Tank when you Change Flavors

Cleaning the coil and tank of your electronic cigarette is important when changing flavors to avoid an unpleasant and strange mix of flavors. But, some flavors blend and create a great concoction. This is the reason some vapers like to experiment by mixing various flavors. But, experts recommend cleaning the device to eliminate old flavors which could linger when you try new ones. Also, cleaning the device regularly is a vital maintenance aspect for e-cigarettes.

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