All The Ways to Use Cannabis


 Cannabis remains one of the most popular plants on the planet. Millions of people worldwide use it on a frequent basis for a variety of reasons. While most people associate cannabis use with smoking, there are a number of ways that you can consume cannabis and experience its benefits. With thousands of different strains to choose from and various cannabinoid and terpene profiles, you can access different experiences from cannabis strains and experiment to find effects that work best for you.

Almost every user will get a different experience from cannabis but there are some grievances amongst cannabis users. This is that overall cannabis is widely beneficial and helps people feel amazing. With the diversity of effects, there’s also a variety of ingestion methods as well as unique accessories that help users get creative. Here are some of the top ways to use cannabis.

Bong or Water Pipe

Choosing a bong can be an easy way to inhale cannabis. The smoke will pass through a water barrier before it enters the lungs, cooling it down and offering a more pleasant inhalation method.

Rolled Joint

Rolling up dried herbs in rolling papers is one of the easiest ways to inhale cannabis. A number of producers will sell pre rolled joints, or you can find tools for helping you roll joints on your own.


Another inhalation method is handheld or desktop-style vaporizers. These have risen in popularity lately because they allow a person to inhale the components of cannabis without any of the carcinogens. It often depends on the model but these are items that can heat cannabis to the perfect level and release the components inside.


Choosing extracts can help you enjoy a cannabis experience that is highly concentrated. Extracts are formed as concentrated cannabis that is absorbed through solvent. These can be used with pipes or bongs and they produce highly concentrated effects.


Taking edibles is a fantastic way to get the active components of CBD and THC into your system without having to smoke or vape the product. Edibles can take on the form of oils or be baked into butter to produce the effects of cannabis. Edibles slowly release cannabis over time for a more controlled dosage and longer lasting effects.

Consider the type that works best for you if you are seeking a dosage of cannabis today.

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