5 Habits to Reduce Obesity-Related Hypertension


One of the most common severe obesity-related health issues is high blood pressure. Also known as hypertension. A recognized “Newman” bariatric clinic’s surgeon notes – no magic pill will solve a complex condition. Despite the likely recommended surgical procedure, there are many ways to improve the situation by implementing simple changes in daily routine. So, here are the 5 effective habits to fight HBP caused by being overweight.

1) Full-Fledged Nutrition

First, find a trustworthy clinic that gathers a highly experienced team of professionals: surgeon, nutritionist, sports specialist, endocrinologist, and others. Newmanbariatric clinic’s surgeon says that it’s all about the holistic attitude and like-minded specialists. Whether you need a surgical procedure or not, it all starts with a healthier diet. So, follow the nutritionist’s recommendations, and you’ll definitely see the difference in your HBP situation.

2) Regular Physical Activity

Another crucial factor in reducing blood pressure is physical activity. Let it be Nordic walking, swimming, yoga, or anything that wouldn’t put too much pressure on your joints and heart. It’s wise to consult a professional sports specialist who works specifically in the bariatrics field. That’s another reason to look for a trustworthy clinic.

3) Refusal of Bad Habits

This might seem like an obvious one to mention, but refusing bad habits is a pretty hard thing to do. Then, we naturally tend to postpone it to the last. Get serious about making your daily routine healthier and more balanced. Especially when the relation between smoking, alcohol, and HBP is obvious. And medically proven.

4) Cutting Back on Caffeine and Salt

Now, you might have heard the fact that caffeine increases blood pressure. In case of severe obesity, a few cups of coffee aren’t the best sources of energy. Rather than consuming caffeine, try alternative drinks. One more ingredient that you should cut back on is salt. Look for alternative spices to enrich the taste of your daily meals. By the way, start reading labels more accurately.

5) Effective Stress Control

Finally, find your ways to control stress. Facing stressful situations at work or home naturally makes us feel anxious. Constant stress leads to increased blood pressure as well. Therefore, it’s essential to find peace of mind. Start with fundamental breathing exercises and regular practice of calming activities. Take it a step further and try out meditation or yoga classes, a preferable form of therapy.

Bariatric professionals stress – professional help is vital, but the other part is patients’ compliance. Feeling ready to start your journey? Then, the best day to start is today. Introduce nutrient-rich products, have a longer walk, and refuse harmful habits. Then, start your research of a trustworthy clinic that will help you reach your goals, ideally, in a holistic way.

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