3 Points to Remember when Anchoring in Trad Climbing


Trad climbing depends on climbers planning their own routes during the climb. You need proper anchoring technique to keep the climbers safe. To make sure if the second climber can climb safely, you need to anchor yourself properly to build a proper belaying position. Ensure to have a tight grasp on anchoring and belaying technique before heading to trad climb. Keep the following points in mind suggested by escalade BlocShop when anchoring in trad climbing.

  1. Always have a back up ready

Ensure that your backup is ready in such a way that you have no reason to fear of a piece of protection falling. It means that your anchor must never rest on the stability of a single piece. Ensure to carry a backup if something goes wrong otherwise, you can throw off the balance and put yourself and your partner at risk.

  1. The anchor should be installed evenly

In other words, you don’t want any piece to have to bear extra parts of the weight. When you anchor yourself properly, you can keep the mishaps at bay. As the weight will be evenly spread across the system, the case where a protection piece falls or the climber falls, the extra shock can easily be managed with no disruption. This lets you to better belay and ensure the ascent safely.

  1. Ensure the equipment position

To anchor properly, ensure that the protection pieces in the system are correctly installed. This comes in handy when it comes to a fall. The entire system should work cohesively so ensure that your system goes well with the anchoring technique. For newbies, you can begin with finding the location of your anchor points like trees or rocks. You should always have three anchor points. Many people use natural anchors, but you cannot rely on them because they may have been overused or became weak because of many factors. Hence, seek other safe anchor points. You can go for a non natural anchor route by using bolts and pistons. You can also go for removable anchors. Once this has been worked upon, you need to connect these points by remembering the info mentioned above. By doing this, you will create a master point where you will click yourself. Ensure that the weight is distributed evenly in your anchoring system. For more, visit the website.

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